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Human Brain Mapping

D Politte, J Zempel, T Nolan, R Verner, F Prior, L Larson-Prior. Measures of global brain dynamics define differences in neural state. 1038.

L.J. Larson-Prior, S.N. Vaishnavi, E. Tamez, T.S. Nolan, M-F. Ghilardi, M.E. Raichle, Shared networks involved in implicit and explicit motor learning tasks 339 S-AM.

Dees, N., Larson-Prior, L., Nolan, T., Wright, K., Politte, D., Prior, F., Bahar, S. Phase Synchrony Analysis of Network Dynamics links EEG and BOLD. 567 W-AM.

McAvoy, M., d'Avossa, G., Raichle, M.E. and Larson-Prior, L.J. Frequency power fluctuations of resting steady state signals. 282 M-PM

Larson-Prior, L.J., Zempel, J., Prior, F.W., Vincent, J.L., Snyder, A.Z. and Raichle, M.E. Does alpha-band EEG activity in eyes-closed rest index a unitary state over time? 31:187W-AM.

Society for Neurosciences

Zhang, D., Snyder, A.Z., Fox, M.D., Nolan, T.S., Larson-Prior, L.J., Raichle, M.E. Subject Variability of Spontaneous BOLD Functional Connectivity
Program no. QQ12

Larson-Prior, L.J., Zempel, J., Vincent, J.L., Nolan, T.S., Snyder, A.Z. and Raichle, M.E. An EEG-fMRI study of the default network in light sleep.
Program no. 567.20

Larson-Prior, L.J., Zempel, J., Vincent, J.L., Snyder, A.Z. and Raichle, M.E. An EEG-fMRI study of the relationship between alpha-band power and BOLD signal.
Program no. 454.21

Vincent, J.L., Zempel, J., Larson-Prior, L.J., Raichle, M.E. and Snyder, A.Z. Moving GLM ballistocardiogram reduction for EEG data acquired simultaneously with fMRI.
Program no. 454.20

Computational Neuroscience

Dees, N., Larson-Prior, L.J., Nolan, T.S., Politte, D., Prior, F. Bahar, S. Synchrony based integration of EEG and fMRI-BOLD in cognitive state transitions.

American Epilepsy Society

Zempel, J., Vincent, J.L., Larson-Prior, L.J. and Snyder, A.Z. Characterization of ballistocardiogram recorded at 3 Tesla in EEG-fMRI.
Program no. 3.138

Ferring Scholars Program

Ferguson, C. and Larson-Prior, L.J. Introduction to Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Visual Evoked Responses.


Ju, Yo-El S., Larson-Prior, L.J., Galvin,James, Cognitive Fluctuations are Associated with Abnormalities in Resting-State Functional Networks. Sleep, vol.33, Abstract 0109.

Larson-Prior, L.J., Tamez, E.M., Nolan, T.S., Hale, S., Myerson, J., Zacks, J.M., Imaging Motor Learning Before and After Sleep. Sleep, vol.32, Abstract S-1258.

Jewett, D.J., Larson-Prior, L.J., Hart, M.T., McCutchen, C. and Black, J.E. A new method of analyzing evoked auditory system activity during sleep, with continuous supra-fusion stimulation. Sleep, vol. 27, A41.

Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society


K Smith, D Politte, G Reiker, T Nolan, C Hildebolt, Chelsea Mattson, D Tucker, F Prior, S Turovets, L Larson-Prior (2012) Automated measurement of pediatric cranial bone thickness and density from clinical computed tomography.

M Kelsey, D Politte, R Verner, J Zempel, T Nolan, A Babajani-Feremi, F Prior, L Larson-Prior. (2012) Determination of neural state classification metrics from the power spectrum of human ECOG.

Radiological Society of North America

Selected Papers


McAvoy M,Larson-Prior L, Ludwikow M, Zhang D, Snyder AZ, Gusnard DL, Raichle ME, d'Avossa G. (2012) Dissociated mean and functional connectivity BOLD signals in visual cortex during eyes closed and fixation. J Neurophysiol. PMID: 22875902


Larson-Prior LJ, Power JD, Vincent JL, Nolan TS, Coalson RS, Zempel J, Snyder AZ, Schlaggar BL, Raichle ME, Petersen SE. (2011) Modulation of the brain's functional network architecture in the transition from wake to sleep. Prog Brain Res. 2011;193:277-94. PMID: 21854969

Ju YE, Larson-Prior L, Duntley S. (2011) Changing demographics in REM sleep behavior disorder: possible effect of autoimmunity and antidepressants. Sleep Med. 12(3):278-83.


Politte D, Prior F, Ponton C, Nolan T,Larson-Prior L. (2010) Sources of non-physiologic noise in simultaneous EEG-fMRI data: a phantom study. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2010;2010:5129-32. PMID: 21095809


Larson-Prior, L.J., Zempel, J.M., Nolan, T.S., Prior, F.W., Snyder, A.Z., Raichle, M.E., (2009) Cortical network functional connectivity in the descent to sleep Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 106(11):4489-94.


Prior, F., Brunsden, B., Hildebolt, C., Nolan, T., Pringle, M., Vaishnavi, S., Larson-Prior, L. (2008) Facial Recognition from Volume Rendered Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data IEEE Trans on Inf Technol Biomed 13(1):5-9.

McAvoy, M., Larson-Prior, L.J., Nolan, T.S., Vaishnavi, S., Raichle, M.E., and d'Avossa, G. (2008) Resting States Affect Spontaneous BOLD Oscillations in Sensory and Paralimbic Cortex J Neurophysiol 100(2):922-31.


Vincent, J.L., Larson-Prior, L.J., Zempel, J., and Snyder, A.Z. (2007) Moving GLM ballistocardiogram artifact reduction for EEG acquired simultaneously with fMRI. Clin Neurophysiol, 118(5):981-998.

Jewett, D.L., Hart, T., Larson-Prior, L.J., Baird, B., Olson, M., Trumpis, M., Makayad, K., and Bavafa, P. (2006) Human sensory-evoked responses differ coincident with either "fusion-memory" or "flash-memory", as shown by stimulus repetition-rate effects. BMC Neuroscience, 7:18.

Larson-Prior, L.J., Hart, T. and Jewett, D.L. (2004) Neural processing of high-rate auditory stimulation under conditions of various maskers. Neurocomputing, 58-60:993-998.

Jewett, D.L., Caplovitz, G., Baird, B., Trumpis, M., Olson, M.P. and Larson-Prior, L.J. (2004) The use of QSD (q-sequence deconvolution) to recover superposed, transient evoked-responses. Clin Neurophysiol, 115(12):2754-2775.


Neuroscience Workshops & Courses

Sparks in the Brain: Why We Sleep. L. Larson-Prior. MBC Korea (televised), 2011.

Book Chapters

Larson-Prior, L.J. (2013) Parallels in Neural and Human Communication Networks. In: The Handbook of Human Computation Michelucci, P (Ed) Springer, New York

Organized Symposia, Conferences, Meetings

Frontiers in Imaging Brain Energetics and Electrical Activity. L.J. Larson-Prior and J. Culver, (co-organizers). Speakers: L.J. Larson-Prior, Washington University; T. Holy, Washington University; E. Hillman, Cornell University, J. Culver, Washington University. Presented at: IEEE/NLM Life Science Systems & Applications Workshop, Washington DC, 2006.

Frontiers in the Neuroimaging of Human Sleep. L.J. Larson-Prior. Speakers: L.J. Larson-Prior, Washington University; M. Massimini, Univ. of Milan; R. Huber, Univ. of Zurich; M. Chee, Singapore Univ. Presented at SLEEP 2007, Minneapolis, MN, 2007.

Mini-symposium on Oscillations and Networks. A. Assadi, M. Banks, L. Larson-Prior, and Erwin Montgomery (co-organizers). Computational Neurosciences, 2005.

Neuroimaging of Human Sleep. L.J. Larson-Prior. Presented at: Sleep Research Society's 13th Annual Trainee Symposia Series. 2008.

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