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The Human Connectome Project


Currently recruiting subjects: click HERE for more information.

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About the EON Lab:

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Email our Subject Coordinator to learn more about our studies.

Current Studies:

Pediatric Head Models for Improved Imaging

Help us learn how head shape and size change as children grow, so reconstructions of where the brain thinks can be more accurate. Currently recruiting children and teens aged 8-18 to come to our lab about two hours. Volunteers will be paid for their time, and get to take home a pretty cool picture of themselves!

Motor Learning and Sleep in ECoG Neurology Patients

Young patients waiting to undergo resection of seizure focus can play our games on a laptop, while we acquire brainwave data from equipment resting on the surface of their brains. We will bring our research cart to the hospital room of volunteers aged 4-18 and record some awake and some sleep activity. This experiment may be extended to adults in the future.

Synchrony based integration

Adults aged 18-60 are asked to participate in both EEG and MRI recordings. This set of experiments looks to maximize the strengths of electrical and blood-oxygenation signal changes in the brain, to explore where you think what you think, and in what order, while performing simple visual and reaction time tasks.

The Effect of Nap on Performance

Participate in a research study to see whether napping can help you learn. This study has two separate arms recruiting volunteers; one is behavioral and the other is MRI. Participants must be right-handed, between 18-65 years old with no history of neurologic, psychiatric or sleep disorder and no use of psychotropic medications or drugs in the past 6 months, must not be pregnant or planning to become pregnant, have a normal sleep duration of 6-10 hours per night, and the ability to participate on two consecutive evenings.
Recent Studies

Sleep Fluctuations in REM Behavior Disorder

The potential risk of patient identification from MRI image reconstruction

Learning before and after Sleep

Simultaneous EEG/fMRI in Light Sleep

Spontaneous EEG/fMRI Correlation

Future Studies

Correspondence between Diffuse Optical Tomography and EEG

Effects of Sleep Restriction and Aging on Performance

quiet task

~~please check back soon for new experiments~~

Email our Subject Coordinator to find out more about our studies.

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