Department of Radiological Sciences

Office Phone: 314-747-0590
Mailing Address:
Washington University School of Medicine
Department of Radiology, Campus Box 8225, Rm 3412
4525 Scott Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110 USA

Research Assistant and Lab Manager

Tracy joined EON in 2006 from a background that includes diverse fields: engineering, biophysics, and museum education. Her curiosity has led her to explore from the vast to the tiny, from machines to people, so it's natural that she would be drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of EON. She manages experiment scheduling, participant recruitment and coordination, lab member compliance with safety, hygiene, and HIPAA guidelines, student support, lab supplies, experimental design, and computer wrangling. She is responsible for data acquisition in MRI, EEG, ECoG, PSG, photogrammetry, as well as in task and questionnaire responses. She is responsible for data processing in fMRI, fcMRI, data rating/scoring. Outside the lab she also endeavors to make science fiction come true through soirées, conventions, and games played with friends and family.

Selected publications

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